These survivors have overcome enormous obstacles in their lives and now work to make their communities safer. Here are a few survivors of forced child marriages, their stories, and the impact that they have had on their community.

Genevieve Meyer is a forced child marriage survivor and a leader in her own community. She is the founder of Resiliency Foundation. Genevieve has shown tremendous strength in overcoming her own forced marriage. She is thriving after surviving by making a difference in her own community in Indiana. We celebrate and applaud her efforts. Genevieve works to help others overcome their own mental health struggles and advocates to end child marriage. She defines thriving after surviving. Please read her story in her own words:

Sherry Johson, Survivor, Activist, Changemaker: SVON FOUNDATION founder

Sherry Johnson defines thriving after surviving. She has survived and overcame so much in her life to become the SHERO she is today. We applaud and celebrate her efforts. She not only has fought to end child marriage, she is making real legislative progress towards ending child marriage in her state of Florida. Please read more about Sherry’s journey in her own words as she survived a forced marriage at the age of eleven. Sherry’s story is a horrific example of why child marriage should be outlawed for good:

Survivors, advocates, and individuals create lasting change when they work together. Below, are the women who worked with Senator Jerry Hill to ask California legislators to raise the minimum age for marriage to 18. Sadly, SB273 did not succeed in setting any age limits in California. There is currently no minimum age limit to marry in the State of California.